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Vaaya Beach Hotel - LeasureAbout us

Enviably located in the west costal border of magnificent pearl of the Indian Ocean-Sri Lanka, VAAYA hotel is a relaxing holiday destination, where you can experience the allure of golden beach sand and effervescent blue water-all bestowed with luxury, tranquility and ecstasy!

Being one of the very few Beach Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka, Vaaya always tops the list, owing to unique location and mesmerizing holiday-friendly services.

We at VAAYA, zoom-in on making your next travel get-away, one of the most memorable moments in your life, enriched with assorted scenic views, authentic cuisine and chic style comfort.

VAAYA identifies your exact requirement in choosing your next holiday destination and tries to make it a beautiful reality through catering your needs of joy and adventure. Our unique location surrounded by the beach with spectacular view of sun rise and sun set, along with the customer-centered services will always please your mind and body, converting this time of your life in to one of the most rejoicing moments, celebrated.


Who are we?

VAAYA unquestionably stands amongst the rest of the boutique resorts in Sri Lanka, owing to its unique location and aesthetic concept, which have been specifically designed in a way to meet the prerequisites of our valuable guests, sightseers and day-trippers.

Serving the arena of travel and tourism of Sri Lanka for the past couple of years, we have identified the paramount requirements of our customers, who are eager to choose the best get-away destination for them to revitalize both mind and body, by escaping from the hustle bustle of city life.


Why choose VAAYA-The #1 Boutique Hotel in Negombo?

  • Our heavenly location by the Negombo beach with mesmerizing golden sandy beaches around, will definitely take your breath away at the first most sight itself.
  • Negombo, being the closest beach location to the International airport of Sri Lanka will ease the rest of your travel requirements-saving both time and money!
  • One of the very few budget Villas in Sri Lanka with customer-centered services at affordable rates
  • Numerous near-by locations with myriad attractions to inflate your desires of adventure
  • Extremely friendly locality
  • The complete assurance of privacy
  • The ability to get the first-hand experience of Sri Lankan costal life-from the rise of sun to sun set, beneath the horizon.
  • Hospitality of Sri Lankan people, inherently gifted charming smiles and lush green tropical landscapes will for sure rejoice your visit at VAAYA.
  • Our team of well experienced resort staff are readily available to provide you the best service during the stay.
  • You will definitely bag-up so many fantastic memories from the first day to last, which will make you wanting to run-back just as you walk out.


Excursions around Negombo 

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