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7 Best Reasons To Visit Negombo During This Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us we are all looking for that perfect get-away to let go of everything that has been weighing us down this year and to welcome the New Year feeling relaxed and joyfully refreshed. Here are 7 reasons why your next escapade should be to Negombo – aka “little Rome”.

From exotic beaches to iconic churches, Negombo has lots to offer to make your holiday memorable

1. Negombo beach hotels and resorts

The best thing about negombo is its wide selection of beautiful hotels and resorts to cater everyone’s need. Siting at the west coast of Sri Lanka staring at the magnificent Indian Ocean, Negombo beach resorts varies from luxurious 5-star hotels to budget friendly inns. They sit amongst the top for its scenic beauty, great hospitality and generous services. If you want to get the true Negombo experience for a peace of mind at a pocket friendly rate you should try the handful number of boutique hotels available in Negombo like Vaaya Beach hotel. Vaaya Beach Hotel offers a range of deals during this festive season to make your stay more memorable.

2. Beach

What is Negombo if it’s not for the sun kissed golden sandy beaches? There’s no better way to keep you warm during this season of chills and chimes other than sitting by cozy Negombo beaches with your favourite book on one hand a delicious cocktail on the other while listening to the peaceful hum of the beautiful Indian ocean or taking a long walk on the beach while watching the sun setting in the distant horizon. Just like many Negombo Beach Resorts, Vaaya Beach Hotel too provide you the facilities to enjoy the beach to your liking.

3. Lagoon

If you are a lover of mother nature and loves adventure then the Negombo lagoon is the place to be. The lagoon that connects number of small streams to the sea is an excellent wild life habitat. It is surrounded by breathtaking views and perfect for many activities like bird watching. Only a few Negombo beach resorts like Vaaya Beach Hotel provides its guest with the opportunity to go on customized boat rides to the lagoon. Boat rides are usually scheduled during the morning and the evening. This could be an amazing experience for you and your travel buddies for a small rate especially if you go on a ride arranged by your hotel like Vaaya Beach Hotel does for its guests.

4. Sight seeing

It’s not just the beach and the lagoon for the travelers in Negombo. If you are keen on doing some actual sightseeing there’s plenty of things to visit. If you are feeling spiritual you can visit the Angurukaramulla Temple with 6m tall statue of Lord Buddha or the St. Mary’s church – one of the oldest and largest churches in Negombo. If you are in mood for a day of fun you should definitely try the Guruge Nature Park and Mayan water park which is just 30 minutes away from Negombo and about 50 minutes away from Vaaya Beach Hotel.

5. Shopping

Shopping in Negombo during this holiday season is the best with all the discounts and festive deals available in almost all the shops. So why not get some retail therapy during this holiday season for mind blowingly awesome prices. From clothes to shoes, from accessories to souvenirs Negombo has it all. If you want to do all your shopping at one go the main street is the place to be.

6. Night life and festivities, street foods; It’s a party all over Negombo

If you are planning to travel to Negombo, holiday season is the best time to do so. Why? With lights and decorations in every corner and beach parties almost every weekend the whole city turns in to a one big festival. If you are in mood to stuff yourself throughout the night go to periyamulla where the shops are open 24 hours and you can indulge yourself with some hot hot local delicacies like appa, kottu and other street food. If you are in mood for a little fun over a drink go towards the sea street for all the pubs and cafes.

7. Close distance to the airport and Colombo

Negombo is just 5 minutes away from BIA saving both your time and money in order to get a little bit of serenity. And it’s just 30 minutes away from the country’s capital: Colombo. So you can make a day out of it to do some sight-seeing , maybe visit the museum or the planetarium , do some more shopping , have lunch at a fancy restaurant and end the with some kottu from the streets ;).


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