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Beach Surfing in Negombo

Talking about tourists, the first thing to consider is the Beach. Beach is the number one priority for tourists who travel Sri Lanka. Negombo offers one of the best sandy beaches in Sri Lanka. It is also known for its global reputation as a water sports hub. The beautiful view of the beach attracts tourists and draws them towards the city of Negombo. Some of the quiet stretches of the beach are maintained by the tourist hotels. However, only a few Negombo Beach Resorts like Vaaya Beach Hotel offers the main adventure that the tourists look forward to, which is Surfing.

Surfing is a water sport preferred by most of the tourists, along with this, most other water sports and adventures can be experienced in these resorts as well as in the city.

Most cities offer water sports in Sri Lanka, Negombo is one of them. Since it is closer to the Sri Lankan airport, it is an easy attraction to the tourists. Surfing opportunities in Negombo are many and equally multi-faceted. Excellent weather and wind conditions throughout the year and the most calm and secure destinations make it easy for both expert surfers and the beginners. Negombo Beach is the best in the island for traditional surfing. Since the beach is calm most of the time, the surfers need not dwell themselves into protective gears and wetsuits, they can enjoy their surf in peace and comfort.

The best period to head down to Negombo for good surf would be between the month of May and October and this is when you could smoothly surf your way through. Windsurfers should travel between the month of January and March, during this period, expert wind-surfers can let lose among the waves and enjoy the short breaks. For beginners, the rest of the year would be better and they could learn their basics and try windsurfing in the calm and windy weather. Also known as the hometown of Kite Surfing, Negombo is the sport’s true birthplace. May and August are the best times of the year for Kite Surfers, since tall shore breaks are in season.

For travelers looking for the best accommodation and access to easy surfing, Negombo Beach Resorts like Vaaya Beach Hotel Negombo are offering the best stay. Most of the Surfing equipments as well as training could be provided by these resorts. Some of the local rentals located near the beachfront could be of help, for advice on weather conditions and for the purchase of surfing equipments and gears.

Happy surfing! ☺

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