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How to have peaceful holiday in Negombo?

Beach holidays are great ways to rejuvenate the mind body and soul. Plan your holiday in Negombo well, and you will have exactly that! Planning includes choosing a nice place to stay, deciding on the activities you want to do, delegating your work before you go, packing for the holiday and lastly ensuring a great end to the holiday.

Choose your place in Negombo, with care. Vaaya Hotel is located in a picturesque location in Negombo and is known for its customer care and great Sri Lankan food.

When you are planning, take into account what fits your personal style. Some people love thrill-seeking activities such as surfing, others love exploring the nature and some others enjoy simply relaxing on the beach. There are many things to do around Negombo, all year round. Vaaya Hotel Negombo can help you plan an itinerary that fits your needs.

Pack only what you need, but remember to take the essentials. Pack swimwear, diving gear if you are planning to dive (in Negombo, you can hire gear from many places that rent them as well), light comfortable clothing, beach wraps, flip flops and waterproof sunscreen. Pack a protective bag to carry your wet clothing in.If you are planning to visit religious sites such as temples and churches, for Negombo features many such places worthy of a visit, it is good to pack some simple clothes that cover at least upper arms and right below the knee.

Ensure you delegate work before you leave home. So you can relax without worrying about work.

When you are in Negombo, carry what you absolutely need to the beach. You will feel free if you didn’t have to carry heavy bags and worry about where to leave those things on the beach safely. It is normal for local vendors to approach tourists and try to sell their ware. If you don’t want to buy them, be firm and tell them so!

End your holiday in Negombo on a high note. Plan to do something that your heart desires on the last day. Perhaps have a nice meal by the waterfront at Vaaya Hotel Negombo. Also, ensure your trip back home is comfortable to help you feel relaxed right until the end.  So, when you think back at your holiday in Negombo, you will have a great story to tell!


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