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Need to find a Hotel in Negombo? Here’s HOW!

Negombo is situated in the Western Province of Sri Lanka and is a very short drive of 10 kilo meters from Bandaranayake International Airport. Negombo is blessed with a Lagoon, an amicable Coast line and a breathtaking sight of the beach that we Sri Lankans always proudly boast about.

So, if you are looking for a place to spend your vacation in Sri Lanka, Negombo is undoubtedly one of the most top-tier places which has got the perfect blend of suburbs and the city. It’s not as isolated as the suburbs nor is it a busy hustle like the city.


Your Budget always comes first

When planning a vacation we always try to get the best out of what we can spend on; value for money! Negombo, the city of the tourists, is best renowned for its availability Hotels ranging from the luxuries to the cheapest thus it won’t be hard for you to pick up on a hotel of your choice. The VAAYA BEACH HOTEL gives you the best prices and gives away the best for what you pay!

We have;

  •  Standard rooms starting from $50 (per night)
  •  Lake view rooms starting from $80 (per night)
  •  Family rooms starting from $60 (per night)


Convenient Access

A vacation is for relaxation, embracing yourself and giving yourself a little treat after all the hectic and stressful life.So why spend hours on the traffic, when the calm Lagoon and the mischievous beach is just a few hours of a drive from Colombo at negombo beach resorts


Treat your taste buds

Isn’t a vacation is all about good food? Select from a vast variety of food and drinks that will give your taste buds an exquisite and lavish experience.


Attractive attractions

Charming boutique Villa by Negombo beach. And I quote from the official website of Vaaya beach hotel;

“Enviably located in the west costal border of magnificent pearl of the Indian Ocean-Sri Lanka, VAAYA Beach hotel is a relaxing holiday destination, where you can experience the allure of golden beach sand and effervescent blue water-all bestowed with luxury, tranquility and ecstasy!”



Negombo beach resorts lays out foundation for adventure tourism. The calm Lagoon is the best place for adventures boat rides while you can gain the experience of an islander while in Negombo.

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