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Night to remember: a peek into Negambo nightlife

Tourism in Sri Lanka caters to a diverse range of tourists across the globe. From history-fanatics to culture buffs, there’s something for everyone in this tiny island. Negambo is a much-loved holiday destination for those looking to get away from the usual hustle-bustles of life. Located in the west cost of the island, Negambo is well-known for its golden sandy beaches and exquisite beach hotels like Vaaya Hotel Negambo who offer finest Hotel rooms in Negambo for an optimum price. However if you want to feel the true spirit of Negambo there is no better time than night to hit the roads to see what excitement this town has to offer. Known for its dynamic nightlife, this town is home for many trendy clubs, pubs, bars and lavish restaurants . It doesn’t matter if you are travelling alone, with a partner or in a group Negambo will give you just what you need to kick back and relax over an evening drink.

You can start your night by chit-chatting over a cocktail while listening to a live music performances in a cozy pub in Negambo or play a friendly round of pool drinking some beers with peers, because when you are in Negambo your options are endless. Most these pubs offer a selection of local, European, Chinese and Indian dishes to munch on.

Negambo is also known for its hip trendy night clubs. If you are looking for a night of uninterrupted fun you are in luck because most clubs and bars are open for the entire night. So you can have a few drinks dance your feet off and mingle with the locals making your vacation unforgettable for life.

Negambo is known for the best beach parties in the country. It’s a thrill of its own to spend your evening dancing to the latest tunes amidst the salty sea breeze. However these beach parties often tend to get a bit crowded. It is usually held during some weekends. So if you are in Negambo don’t forget to ask around to see if there’s going to be one.

If you are in the mood for some quiet personal time or the type of person who doesn’t really enjoy large crowds and loud music you can always spend your evening at nice restaurant for fine dining. If you want try the best sea food in the country, Negambo will offer you a number of options.

You could always spend your evening watching the sunset whilst relaxing on the beach with a cocktail or a chilled beer. Many hotels in Negambo like Vaaya Hotel Negambo are located by the Negambo beach, so why bother looking for the perfect night elsewhere when you could be having the night of your life right within your comfort zone.

Lively nightlife, beautiful locations -Negambo Shopping will tick off everything in the list that makes the “perfect getaway”. Adding the cherry on the top comfortable, peaceful and affordable hotel rooms in Negambo like in Vaaya Hotel Negambo lies just 5 minutes from the airport. This is why Negambo is one of the all-time favourite vacation destinations in the world.


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