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Sea food in Negombo

Negombo is on the verge of becoming the all-time favourite vacation spot in Sri Lanka. With its close proximity to the airport (5km) and the country’s capital Colombo (35km), Negombo has become a transit spot for many travelers to Sri Lanka. Because of the budding popularity, Negombo is filled with tourists from all over the world looking for Things To Do in Negombo.

With the growing number of travelers to Negombo, the once deserted streets of Negombo are now filled with back to back restaurants, cafes coffee shops and much more. It has truly become a safe haven for the food lovers across the world.

If you are a seafood fan then you are in absolute luck. Because Negombo eats, sleeps and breaths seafood – literally. Being a town in the west coast, Negombo is known for its fishing industry as much as the beaches, shopping and the nightlife. Negombo has few fishing villages where the fisherman sails off at night to bring the freshly caught fish, crabs, prawns and much more from the deepest of the seas. Most of the daily catches of these fishermen ultimately end up at the “lellama”- one of the biggest fish markets in the country, which is one of the musts in the list of things to do in Negombo. However you will have to wake up before dawn and head up to the fish market if you want to witness all the action. It is a unique experience to the travelers of Negombo where they get to see the legendary lellama fish auction.  Here the seafood harvested by the fishermen are sold to the highest bidders. Most these seafood is purchased by the local hotels and restaurants in Negombo and the remainder will be later sold to the locals at lower rates.

There are many seafood restaurants in Negombo serving you a variety of dishes right off the hooks- or in this case, the nets. You can have dishes from your very own choice of cuisine.

When it comes to sea food Chinese seafood fried rice is a favorite among the locals. More than half of the Sri Lankan restaurant-goers end up ordering the seafood fried rice. And with Chinese restaurants around each corner your options are countless.

When you say seafood what immediately pops in to your mind is the Japanese sushi. While sushi is not very popular among the locals, there are plenty of options for the sushi lovers travelling to Negombo.

Italian seafood pastas, pizzas and scrumptious raviolis, Indian seafood curries and Thai tom yum soup are other seafood based dishes loved by many travelers to Negombo. But beating all these is the Sri Lankan kiri-maalu curry which is an all-time favorite served almost everywhere including Negombo beach Side hotels like Vaaya Hotel Negombo. And you need not have any doubt about the quality because in Negombo you are destined to have the best and the freshest seafood dishes.

At Vaaya Hotel Negombo, we are determined to serve the freshest, most delicious seafood to its guests to keep up with the glowing reputation Negombo has about its seafood. And so far the culinary team of Vaaya Hotel Negombo has never failed to give our guests the best seafood experience of their lives.

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