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Spend Your Honeymoon In Negombo

Honeymoon is the break or the holiday that the newlyweds take away from everyone else and everything else to have themselves to themselves. The trend as for today is to celebrate their honeymoon in a romantic, luxurious and an exotic destination.

The beach has always been and will always be the favorite escape of the lovers, thus the most popular choice of honeymoon are the countries with beautiful beaches. And Sri Lanka is one of the top countries in the list. So if you are planning to spend your honeymoon in Sri Lanka, Negombo will be the best option as it is only a few hour drive from the Katunayake International airport, and has both the qualities of a City and a suburb.

Typically the newly wedded couple board on their honeymoon trip after few days of the wedding ceremony. They make use of this time to relax after the busy schedules of pre and after the wedding. Out of the many such places to have a relaxed stay, Vaaya Beach Hotel and Negombo Beach Villa will provide you with such hospitality and warmth to make your honeymoon a memorable one.

Vaaya is undoubtedly the most leading boutique hotel in Negombo and plays a special role in providing the best of the best for the Honeymooners. Its unique location giving you the best of both the beach and the Negombo lagoon, the food, the relaxing environment and the aesthetic concept are the things that make Vaaya to stand up from other places to spend your special holiday.

It is during the honeymoon that the couple embraces the freedom as a newly wedded and share each other’s company and love, laying down the groundwork for their future. Thus the place that you choose to spend your honeymoon should be a place that will warm you up and relax your mind.

Honeymoon is not just spending each other’s company tucked inside a cozy hotel, it should also be sprinkled with a little adventure so as to make it unforgettable. If you choose Vaaya, among so many other experiences, we will make sure your stay will include an adventurous boat ride in the lagoon and to give you the experience of the life style of an islander. Moreover don’t forget the delicious Sri Lankan meals and unique cocktails that you’d be able to enjoy while in your Honeymoon.

­­­­­­It’s your first get away as Mr. and Mrs. So make it a memorable one!


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