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Negombo  is like no other place in Sri Lanka. It has a unique culture and an atmosphere influenced by the moors, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the tourists, and the returning migrant locals. The top five things to do on the Negombo beach depend a lot on what kind of person you are. Use this as a guide to make your own ranking for the top 5 things to do on Negombo beach.

1.Relax on the beach: The wide sandy beaches and the safe sea are the main attractions of Negombo. If you want a calm clean beach, the beachfront of Negombo beach resort is the best. The public beaches can be noisy and crowded, but they have their appeal, if you love to mingle with the locals and watch the buzzing activity around you.

If you are staying at Vaaya, you will enjoy relaxing on our clean private beach, and have refreshments brought to you from our restaurants.

2.Go scuba diving, to explore the magical seabed of Negombo that is scattered with coral reefs, a variety of marine life and some ship wrecks. The official diving season in Negombo is November to March/April.

Vaaya Beach Hotel  can help you plan the best diving experience for you.

3.Go surfing

Negombo offers some of the best surfing spots in Sri Lanka. The surfing season is from May to October. However, the generally perfect wind and water conditions, and the sunny weather in Negombo enable you to enjoy surfing most parts of the year.

Vaaya Beach Hotel offers easy access to surfing spots, surfing equipment as well as training.

4.Go on a boat ride in the Dutch canal, Negombo lagoon and Muthurajawela

Vaaya Beach Resort Negombo can help you customize an interesting boat tour. A complete tour covers the Dutch canal, the lagoon and ends with an an exploration in the Muthurajawela marsh. The Boat trips are organized with proper attention being given to your safety and comfort.

5.Explore Negombo’s unique cuisine

Negombo ‘s cuisine is influenced by the Arab Muslims, the Portuguese, the Dutch, and by the returning Sri Lankan’s from Italy. Lagoon prawn, baked or curried crab and black pork curry are things you might like to try from one of the many restaurants by the Negombo beach.

The Negombo crab curry and sea food dishes at Vaaya have received excellent reviews from customers, and you might want to try some!

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